Ice-Roll Cafe

Natural ice cream in the form of rolls!

Do you like ice cream the way we like it?! And do you like natural "fried" ice cream? We adore it!

And we create cheerful Ice-Roll Cafe with natural "fried" ice cream, which our skillful "icemen" prepare right before the eyes of the guests and serve it in the form of rolls.

Our cafes

In July 2017, we opened our first family cafe in the historic center of Lviv, on Shevchenko Avenue 3. The next was a mini-café with ice cream "to go" nearby Lviv Market Square, on Serbskaya Street 13.

And this is just the beginning ... To be continued! ;)

To see it!

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For our ice cream cooking, we use unique milk mixtures, made specifically for us, on the basis of natural milk and cream, fresh fruits, and a variety of fillers and toppings, up to your imagination;)

To create ice cream rolls the milk mixture is poured into a special "frosty" pan (freezer), which is cooled to a temperature of above minus 30 degrees Celsius, then the chosen filler is added, and then our “icemen” prepare rolls. Completed dessert is complemented with toppings, up to your taste, and, voila, a new portion of frosty fun goes directly to you!

Sweet prints

And do you know that photos cannot only be looked at, but also can be tasted, and even eat?

To try this, you need to choose which of our desserts you would like to see printed with your own image. Choose your favorite photo from the photo collection on your gadget, transfer it to your administrator in a convenient way for and wait just a few minutes for your order ... And, voila! Your special dessert is ready!


If you are not indifferent to the world of natural ice cream and bright desserts just like we are, and if you look for opportunities to open such type of cafe in your city, do not hesitate and contact us directly! We offer several formats of cafes for opening by our partners.

Fill in the short form below and we will contact you to tell about the conditions of franchising cooperation with
Ice-Roll Cafe.

3 Shevchenko ave, Lviv +38 068 800 10 50
13 Serbska st., Lviv +38 068 800 10 77